Dr Watts

Monica Watts, M.D. FAAFP

“Before I recommend an herbal product, I research it. I try to find any information I can on its uses, effectiveness, and any potential adverse effects. I found several medical studies that involve Eugenol, the active ingredient in Shingle Ease.  These studies used the same guidelines that are used in studying pharmaceutical drugs. After reading each study, I was impressed by the safety and effectives of eugenol. The studies have shown that eugenol is effective at treating shingles outbreaks.  I recommend Shingle Ease to patients suffering from the pain of shingles.” –  Monica Watts, M.D. FAAFP


“This stuff is fantastic! Helped me when my doctor couldn’t! By the time I could get into see the doctor all he could do was confirm what I had, spreading across my neck, was Shingles. This left me with a growing number of blisters, itching and PAIN!! In desperation, I checked out what was available on Amazon and found this.  It burned a bit upon application (I have really sensitive skin), but that went away within the first couple of minutes of application.  I kept after it and by the second or third day, I had no new blisters and everything already there was drying up, plus the pain relief started on the very first day of use….. I have already told friends about this.  This stuff works!!”       – M. Dabney (Verified Amazon.com purchaser)

“A sweet friend developed this product and I wanted to share in case anyone could find it helpful! I will also vouch that it can help with acne (thanks Wanda) and I am asking my friends to also like and share her (Facebook) page so we can support…” – N. Gilbert, Griffin, GA

“I know it doesn’t say it’s for bug bites, but my husband was bitten by something that left a huge whelp on his arm. I grabbed the Shingle Ease, thinking that if it can ease shingle pain (and it works for that too, let me tell you!) it should take the pain out of his bite.  He says it stopped itching right away, but the best part was that the next morning, there wasn’t even a bump left.” – Lynn S. (Concord, Georgia)

“I tried it on my shingles because I was desperate to make it stop burning.  It took the pain out, and helped dry the blisters up.  I don’t even have any scars after the blisters healed.  My doctor was amazed! Very glad to have found this product!” – Wayne E. (Williamson, Georgia)

“A friend gave me a sample to use on a rash I had on my forearm for several months. I’d been to two different doctors and they were unable to help me. The rash was painful and just wouldn’t go away. A put the Shingle Ease on that morning and when I got up the next morning the rash was gone. The rash hasn’t come back and it has been over a month.  My medicine cabinet will never be without Shingle Ease!” – Allen A. (Atlanta, Georgia)

“RE: Shingle Ease – For Shingles skin pains, and stinging and itching, Shingle Ease rolls on to Lesions…. this Eugenol topical liquid has given relief & dries up the blisters the best.” signed: Shingles Survivor- G. Andrews, Barnesville GA

“My wife had a bottle of Shingle Ease in our medicine cabinet, and we decided to try it on an area of eczema on my leg.  I used it twice, and the eczema has gone away.  I’ll be keeping a bottle on hand.” – D. Deaton, Molena, GA

Tell us about your experience with Shingle Ease, the all-natural treatment for shingles!  If you haven’t yet tried Shingle Ease, you can ORDER HERE.


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